Check out these Kim Kardashian’s revealing snapchats

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If there is something that the Kardashians know how to do very well, besides making money and being a phenomenon on the entrepreneurial world, is to be on the top of the breaking celeb news.

This time is for the beautiful Kim, the second girl on the famous family and considered the American model of beauty, fame, and success. And she surely has worked hard for it, though she has not any problem on showing her dirty and fun side when she’s not on her workplace.

During the summer vacations, the reality TV star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians went south of the border with her kids, North and Saint West, to catch some sun at the stunning Casa Aramara resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. The place is the only five-star private state in the region, making it ideal for celebrities that wish to spend their days off relaxed and comforted.

Because vacations is not just about family, but also to have fun, Kim managed to squeeze in a little girl time to share with her new BFF Jasmine Sanders, a famous German model who have spent a lot of time with the Kardashian recently. At a first look, the pictures seem to be just another fun gallery among friends, during their vacation trip. However, instantly it becomes better when both girls start showing pretty revealing swimsuits.

As Kim usually does, she documented her vacations on each and every one of her social networks. At first, she made public a picture of the pair perched on the edge of a boat, as they stared off into the distance with serious faces. In the caption, she encouraged her followers and fans to follow her adventures on Snapchat during this season, and so they did.

Then, she shared a “twinzies” snap, where Sanders and herself were posing in front of a mirror, showing their giant curves on high-cut fluorescent swimsuits.

But what has got all the fans gone crazy, was one snap where Kim showed off her most famous asset to the camera. While sailing around the Casa Aramara during the afternoon, she lets the camera to record her from behind, as she bends over to emulate the peach emoticon (for both the form and the color).

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In her snaps, we can also see the Kardashian girl sporting a diversity of beach outfits, like the hip-hugging sand-colored piece, before deciding on her peachy bikini.

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