Some Reddit Posts For A Better Day

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Reddit | Alexndrick

I think most people would agree that we all need a good laugh from time to time, even if it’s just a small, lighthearted chuckle. Smiling and laughter are two surefire ways of turning a bad day around, and sometimes it doesn’t take much to make it happen.Take the collection of images below, for example. They aren’t award-winning photographs and they don’t have any groundbreaking backstories to them — they’re simple, fun, and a gentle reminder that the smallest things in life can make the biggest differences, especially when life isn’t going our way. 

1. This guy gave his seat to a pregnant lady on the subway and he was rewarded generously!

Reddit | skemp311

2. “When the kids tuck the cat in for bed and she just goes with it.”

Oh, to know what’s going through that cat’s head.
Reddit | Dr_Emmet_Brown

3. Maybe it’s just me, but freezing my hair and eyelashes doesn’t seem like a fun time. Only in the Yukon!

Reddit | Norse_of_60

4. I am WHAT!?

Reddit | bradyblack

5. This grumpy guy is actually super happy now. Thanks to his photo going viral, he found his forever family!

Reddit | Alexndrick

6. Never bad talk Lord of the Rings to Colbert. If you do, this is what happens.

Reddit | Cystian

7. Clearly, someone is happy to be out of the womb!

8. This is a panda ant, and I don’t think the name requires any explanation.

Reddit | whampbeef

9. What an amazing experience!

Reddit | mr_scaredypants

10. “My coworker was Robin Williams’ housekeeper and took this picture at the Waldorf Astoria.”

This makes my heart smile.

11. That’s the look of true love right there, people!

Reddit | smokinokie

12. You couldn’t plan a better photo even if you tried.

Reddit | mohamez

13. “Firefighters surprise a woman whose late husband was a fireman in the same department on her 100th birthday.”

I’m not crying, you are!
Reddit | FBI_Angels